Welcome to The Kingdom of Giants!

5.555 digital art nft collection

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The METAVERSE Kingdom of the Mammoths

The METAVERSE Kingdom of the Mammoths. The giants are coming back to life after decades of hibernation. 5555 pieces are invading Solana Blockchain, coming from 4 differents zones of the world: Frost World, Africa, Asia & America.

The MAMU collection

All the mammoths from The Kingdom are loved, but some are really special, like their magic world. Every trait of the GIANTS is unique and inspired by metaspace and our designer creativity.

The access in the Kingdom is based on a mamu-pass, the metaverse ticket of the holders.

The Kingdom of


Create your own path in the
fascinating worlds of giants.

Frost World


African World


Asian World


American World


We aim to be a community and utility oriented project. Combining metaspace with metaverse, we want holders to have unique and exciting benefits.
Giveaways, free airdrops for actual and future collections, access for private events and merch are some cool things that we will offer to our holders. The most powerful power that they have is THE POWER OF DECISION. Think about it.

White Paper

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We're here for long term, Mammoths! We have decided to create 2 roadmaps: one for the community, one for the project.

We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage or phases, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal. Our first mission is to create a strong community and a recognizable brand.

in progress5 x 1 SOL giveaway for the MAMUs minted 10%
in progress25 MAMUs will be raffled via airdrop to 25 lucky holders 25%
in progress10 SOL giveaway , 10 prizes x 2 SOL for mamu holders 50%
in progress30 SOL giveaway, 10 prizes x 3 SOL + 25 merch drops for 25 holders 75%
40 SOL giveaway, 10 prizes x 4 SOL or 5% of the total sales will be airdroped equally to all holders. 100%
Phase 1: Releasing, marketing & developing MAMU’s first collection of 5555 NFTs on Solana Blockchain
Phase 2: Starting development of the mobile application: wallet + game app
Phase 3: Starting development of the game of the mobile application. There will be an interactive Alternate Reality metaverse, where people can interact with the NFTs. You need to find the 2nd collection of the MAMUs in REAL LIFE around the whole globe. Using AR, you will be able to open your CAMERA of your phone based on some hints from the game to get a FREE NFT. More info to be annonunced soon.
Phase 4: Launching $MAMU Token on Solana Blockchain. Holders will recieve daily drops in $MAMU.
Phase 5: Launching the mobile application including the wallet and the game.
Phase 6: Launching the MAMU Revolution, the 2nd collection of MAMUs that will be fully minted by the game.
Phase 7: Holders & investors party meeting in a luxury location
Phase 8: You are not ready yet.

Hold to earn concept - 50% from our royalties will be invested in a farm and 50% will be distributed to MAMU holders weakly.

!NOTE: Please take note this is not the final roadmap. We are working on big things that will be announced step-by-step. Let's get wild in MAMU Kingdom!
Last update: 12.02.2022



With the app's Augmented Reality function, you can show off your mammoth in the real world.Proudly showcasing the AR feature. You will be able to see your MAMU in the actual world thanks to our Augmented Reality feature. You can engage with your MAMU in real time and have realistic, engaging experiences that merge virtual items and the real world perfectly. This amazing feature will be added to the app as soon as possible.

Stay in touch

What's new

First Investors Meeting

Meeting in Q4 2021

The entrepreneurial journey has just begun, and the partners have just successfully embarked on the first step. The key aspects of the business were presented, and investors are ready to feed the reaction engine of a great idea.

Definitely the MAMU project tells a story, and people like well-defined stories. A successful project means guaranteeing those who join the business.
One thing is clear, we like simple things but well done!

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Giants !!!


When is the launch?

The exact date will be announced on discord.

What is the total supply?

The total supply is 5555 unique pieces.

There will be a presale?

Yes, there will be a presale of 500 pieces based on whitelist access.

How can I get whitelisted?

You must join our discord server & follow the requiments posted there.

What blockchain are you using?

We are based on Solana blockchain for the scalability and the HUGE benefits of the technology.

How much will a MAMU cost to mint?

The price for public sale will be announced soon & the price for pre-sale will be 0.3 SOL.

Where can I mint a MAMU?

The mint page will be available just before the official mint date on a subdomain designed specially for high traffic and scalability.

How many NFTs can I mint during the public sale?

You are free to mint as many as you like.

On which marketplaces will the NFTs be listed?

Right after mint, you will be able to list it on various Solana NFT Marketplaces (announcement soon)

Meet the TEAM

Vladimir (Co-Founder) - Ninho21 | MaMu

Alexander (Head of operations) - Manny | MaMu

Michael (Blockchain developer) - Maxi the Mammoth | Mamu

DRG(Community specialist) - Jacku | MaMu

Spinner (Designer)

Raheem (Programmer)

Ovy (Narrative designer/Writer)

TEAM EXPERIENCE: The team boasts a large range of experience and deep knowledge from their years at several major and indie studios, events, apps.